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Incredible ancient traditions, captivating landscapes and fascinating cultures. Tradition and modern innovation sit side by side, with peaceful rice fields and monastery villages existing alongside buzzing ultramodern mega-cities. Those with a love of history or food will be in their element and with such an abundance of choice in China, your travel experience will never disappoint.




Japan's unique culture and startling contrasts make it a captivating travel destination. From the modern, high-tech capital of Tokyo, with its futuristic neon-lit streets, Michelin-starred restaurants and quirky pop culture, to the timeless traditions, evocative geisha districts and beautiful temple gardens of the ancient imperial city of Kyoto; the incredible beauty of the Japanese Alps and the haunting history of Hiroshima, this rich country offers an abundance of vibrant cities, cultural treasures and natural beauty.


Hong Kong

Embracing its unique heritage, traditions and east-meets-west atmosphere, the ultra-modern harbour side city is backed by rolling hills. Hong Kong is synonymous for its intriguing harmony between old and new, east and west. This is a truly unique city that's constantly evolving - so even if this is not your first visit, you're sure to find something new and exciting.

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South Korea

A surprising nation in many senses, South Korea is an absolute joy to explore for travellers with a keen interest in both ancient and modern history, culture and cuisine. With ten World Heritage Sites and a climate that encourages beautiful colours in both the spring and autumn, the country has many similarities with its neighbour, Japan.