It is all about the journey

Premium Economy

Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and compared to standard economy, offers approximately 5-8 inches of extra legroom as well as additional facilities.


Business Class

Better food, lie-flat beds, dedicated check-in – even UK chauffeur transfers are just some of the benefit’s that are available on most business class services.


First Class

Not all airlines offer first class but we can recommend the best that do – one even offers a private residence with its own living room, bedroom and bathroom!


Private Jet

Travelling by private jet may be more accessible than you think.

Whether you are looking to lunch in Paris for s special occasion, or take a tailor-made journey around the world with friends, Aquilium can take care of all the arrangements. Business trips can also be organised and can often make more sense when you need to get a number of people to one place for the same time. Believe it or not this can often prove more cost effective than flying Business or First class on a chartered flight.

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Private Chauffeur Service

Whether you are looking for a private driver to take you to and from the airport or require a chauffeur service throughout your entire trip, Aquilium can take of every last detail - no matter what country you are in. So sit back and relax, we have every detail covered.



Private Yacht Charter

Crewed yacht charter blends the comfort of luxury vacations with the spirit of adventure travel. Aboard your private Sail or Power yacht, you'll enjoy the nautical skills and local knowledge of your captain, while your gourmet chef surprises you again and again with delectable meals tailored to your particular tastes.

Sleep to the gentle waltz of the water in the comfort of your private stateroom, and emerge each day to a new awe-inspiring seascape. Rejuvenate with a day of snorkelling over dazzling reefs gently unfolding into a breezy evening of cocktails and dining under a canopy of stars. Kayaking, fishing, shopping local markets, secluded walks on the beach—it’s all included—and yours to explore at your own pace, on your own schedule.