Every detail in the palm of your hand

Our dedicated personal travel advisor service does not end when you depart on your trip. Our bespoke App holds all of the information for your travel experience, conveniently located on your mobile device.

The App provides the following key features;

  • Travel Documents
  • Maps and Places of Interest
  • Live flight information
  • Weather
  • Posts - where you can store photos and journal entries

On your first booking your personal travel advisor will organise your bespoke App and load your first travel experience - allowing you to view a countdown to your departure. The App will hold and store multiple travel plans, so as you book more trips these will simply be added to your App.

It is like having your Aquilium personal travel advisor with you every step of the way!



How to add your latest trip

In your App store search for 'VAMOOS'

Install and when prompted to accept any notifications please say 'yes' to all. 

  • In the first box enter ATL.
  • Second box entre numeric file code as sent in SMS or Email

Working from centre of screen you will see Name of Trip and Time Countdown until departure.

Top right of the screen is share function which is on all screens throughout the App, this enables you to share with friends on Social Media or you can print the screen.

Bottom right of this screen is the Weather Icon
Press this and you will open a page with all the locations of your trip listed and the current weather for those locations. If you then press on the individual locations you will get the next few days forecast for that particular location.

On the icon to the left you have Maps
Press this and a pop up message will give you 3 options:

  • Load Offline Maps
  • Online Maps
  • Cancel

When you have some spare time before you travel and have a good internet connection then press the Load Offline Maps. Loading the Offline Maps will then give you the flexibility to use the maps function whilst you are away, without needing an internet connection.

Once you have loaded offline maps, the Vamoos app needs to remain open. If you do close it down you will have to download offline maps again so that they are available during your trip without internet access.

Once maps are loaded a google maps screen will open. You can zoom in and out to each location marked. You do have the option to flick between Standard or Satellite View. 

How to Install the App

Back on Main Screen, top left 3 line menu bars takes you to the loading menu

  • Clicking on the Load New then lets you add in addition travel references.
  • Notifications will take you to any notifications for Upcoming details

Trips and Events takes you to a list of any Travel itineraries that you have loaded including ones that you have already travelled. These details will remain on your app for future reference.

Flight Hub will take you to a list of flights that are loaded for this particular itinerary.

24hrs from departure of individual flights, this section will go live and give you the latest details on that flight